What is DORBUK?

Dorbuk is a smart and secure visitor management system.

The system consists of two units:

A tablet / smart phone running Dorbuk application, for easy and secure visitor registration.

An all integrated cloud based interface for real-time notifications, reports and analytics.

Why adopt DORBUK for managing your visitors?

Quick and Easy Visitor Check-In

Quick & Easy Visitor Check-In

Dorbuk makes sign-in a breeze. It automates the entire process of registering a visitor, printing a badge and capturing detailed information in a few seconds. No more scribbling in the visitor book and worrying about security issues.

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Real-time Notifications

Real-time Notifications

Dorbuk visitor management system sends SMS & email alerts to inform concerned host/department about the arrival of their visitors. As the system alerts you in real-time, guests can not check-in by giving wrong host details to the receptionist or security officer.

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Real-time Reports

Real-time Reports & Analytics

The real time reporting feature enables you to request instant and relevant guest information. You can see how many people are on your premises right now, their check in & check out timings, view hourly/daily/weekly/monthly data and export the details to PDF.

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Guaranteed Privacy

Guaranteed Privacy

A handwritten paper log does not respect your visitor’s privacy. It provides virtually no security and leaves visitor information available for anyone to see. Dorbuk makes sure that anyone accessing your guest log will have no access to any other visitor’s information.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Dorbuk is a cloud based visitor management system and it doesn’t store any data locally, preventing unauthorized people from accessing it as well as preventing accidental or intentional destruction or corruption of information.

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Print Visitor Badges

Print Badges

The system can be configured to print out visitor identification badges. This helps to avoid repeated security interrogations and immediately identify who is authorized to be on-site and who is not.

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Apartments in need of smarter security

In modern times where security becomes more and more challenging in most buildings, residential apartments find it is mandatory to track visitors. Dorbuk is a one-stop security solution for apartment complexes and gated communities.

Families in need of a trusted monitoring system

People often worry about the risks associated with leaving their kids/spouse home alone and want to take steps to ensure they’re safe and sound. With this system, you can efficiently monitor guests and you will receive visitor notifications even when you are not in the premises.

Anyone who has got visitors!!

The system is designed to be highly customizable and user-friendly, making it a natural fit for industries, campus, commercial complex, small/large organizations and residential apartments.

Business in need of better reputation

Dorbuk will give your reception area the smart and modern look your business deserves. Truly an innovative way to showcase your brand and wow guests with a modern first impression.

Entrepreneurs who need safer workplace

Safety and compliance is a priority for every organization as even small lapse can compromise security and safety of assets. Dorbuk visitor management system helps organizations operate safer, more productive workplaces with visitor sign-in and date capture solutions.



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