This is a deal we have already heard from individuals, clients, customers or visitor exceptionally those who have work in the area where privacy and security are utmost. For the services like Financial, Defense sector, Legal or Research and Development or for the domestic users like Township, Business establishments but have you ever thought about the visibility of the visitant log book might be put them insecurity or at risk. Businesses around the world are changing and moving fast. It’s your turn and makes a smart move.

Hopefully, if you want to replace your old visitor log book with an advanced visitor management system (VMS) which enhances your branding, security and transform your workplace. Then you have it – Dorbuk. The privacy and safety consent is a prime objective for every establishment. This advanced VMS that suites of mobiles or tablets and cloud-based software tools that easily records and produce the visitant data accurately to analyze and improve the real-time productivity.

In meantime seclusion of your visitant, it’s your accountability or duty to honor their impulse for safety and privacy. This advanced cloud-based VMS which secured all your visitant data within a systematic and regular backup. This ensures better privacy and you can relax without worrying about the visitant data loss, theft, hardware failure or any disaster.