For every organization, try to achieve a dominant initial impression by providing excellent means for facilities. Here it is, a modest way to communicate your visitor’s policy to the visitants. By choosing Dorbuk – Visitor Management System ensures your visitor’s details safe and secure.

The consent matter for your concern or business which demanding you about the organization’s Visitor Policy. The manual or handwritten log book does not respect your visitor’s policy. These manual systems were difficult to organize and handle, were not always valid or even accurate reporting was laborious to produce. This advanced VMS make sure that anyone ingresses to your visitant log book.

In case, it can be accidentally or on purpose switching the visitor data and ruin the consistency of your visitor management system. Once mistakes are made or rectification or alteration is demand for a manual or handwritten visitor log book. However, this advanced system allows a particular authorized user only can access or enter the visitor check-ins and check-outs. Even if the authorized user can’t make any edits or deletion so, this is an often makes your facilities premises more secured and provide additional privacy guaranteed. Through the Dorbuk enhances the accurate and valid information about the visitants and check-ins.