Invite visitor

Invited visitor

Visitor Management System (VMS) is one of such globally implemented practice for safety. VMS exercise followed by most of the enterprises such as corporate, security organizations, institutions, etc. Nowadays the main hurdle faced by Security Personnel’s is whereby to implement these systems without creating a frozen image. The advanced VMS helps to centralize the visitor data. Dorbuk is smart and secure for visitor check-in. Dorbuk which professionalize and modernizes the way you sign-in your visitors in a very user-friendly manner.

Using Dorbuk mobile app or web portal, the host can fill up visitor details and invites the guests by sending the 6-digit PIN. Once the visitor arrives at the reception, they can check-in to the facility using the PIN shared by the host. Also, it helps to confirm the identity of the visitor and determine that they have a legitimate purpose to visit well, also, screen for trafficking.

Switch to Dorbuk and say bye to the time-consuming unpleasant visitor registration process. And this helps to promote a professional business interaction, which creates a positive first mark that is in-line with your business’s brand image.