Dorbuk makes the visitor management system much easier and effective. In many establishments, visitors are still registered using handwritten logbooks, this classical method which provides no guaranteed security and leaves the visitant data accessible to anyone. If you are looking to most advanced security measures and move away from the manual system then try Dorbuk. The advanced system which leads to a more professionally polished image to monitor the systems, boost security and able to collect detailed information and analyzes the visitor data. Dorbuk steadily offers its advanced & effective benefits that help to secure your facilities and manage your visitors.

Key Benefits

  • Magnify the proficient of visitor data entering process and automates visitor check-in with a digital check-in platform
  • No more scribbling in the visitor or employee logbooks
  • Pledge extra safeguards by assessing against wrongdoing and felony by tracking if applicable.
  • Quick and accurately
  • Conduct monitoring, analyzing and reporting on visitor data – Quick and easy via Dorbuk.