In this article, we will discuss

  1. How visitor check-in works
  2. Direct walk-in visitor check-ins
  3. Invited check-ins

Uncover more about the multiple ways you can check-in visitors.

How visitor check-in works

An essential part of any visitor management system is the capability to obtain visitor data. When visitor check-in, DORBUK creates its visitor check-in entry. Assume this entry as the historical record of their visit: It includes all of the visitor’s information, about check-in and checkout time, contact details, visitor photograph, scanned copies of their ID documents, and lot more.

It’s important to understand the different types of check-ins that DORBUK supports.

Direct walk-in visitor check-ins

You may have unexpected guests, or they may not be invited to the office. Any visitor can check-in on the DORBUK. It’s understandable for the visitor once they walk into the reception lobby.

Walk-in visitors have two check-in options:

  1. They can provide their details to the Security officer / Receptionist so, they can enter the details in DORBUK App or Desktop Computer.
  2. The visitor check-in to the premises by entering information on the self-service Kiosk (DORBUK App run on iPad or Android tablet). The visitor will simply Tap to check-in button and continue through the sign-in process. Whenever the visitor makes all required check-in steps, the visitor record will upload to the cloud server which can be used for further analysis.

Invited visitor check-ins

DORBUK pre-registered characteristic enables you to generate invites for your anticipated visitors. While invited check-ins have many advantages, the main interest is that it generates a more satisfying experience for the visitor. They need not provide all the details. Only just provide the 6-digit PIN at the time of check-in.

Using DORBUK App or Desktop Computer, Host fills up visitor details and invites them by sending a 6-digit PIN.

The invited visitor has two options for check-in.

  1. The visitor can check-in to the building by providing the 6-digit PIN to the receptionist and verify the same using DORBUK App or Desktop Computer.
  2. The visitor can check-in to the building by entering the 6-digit PIN in the self-service Kiosk. When invited visitor check-in on the self-serviced Kiosk visitor will tap to check-in button, by entering the 6-digit PIN in the Kiosk. Invites are only valid for the anticipated arrival date.