Know more about

  1. Host and how to add a host
  2. How to import hosts

A host is a person who receives the visitor. For instance, in an office, the host may employee, departmental heads, or anyone who receives the visitor.

How to add a host?

Administrators and Managers can create hosts for your organization. In the DORBUK web interface, from the Navigation menu, select Hosts > Manage hosts

You can add a host by clicking the “Add new host” button. Then, enter the name of the host. 
If you want to send Email or SMS notification to the host at the moment of visitor check-ins, enter the email address and mobile number of the host and choose the notification options. If you want to generate a login credential for the host and send it to them, check the box marked “Send welcome Email containing login credentials” (make sure that you entered the host email address). After entering all the details you can click on the “Add host” button. 

Now, the host will get a welcome email including their login details. The host can log in to DORBUK using mobile app or web interface using their login credentials.

How to import host?

If you want to import a list of hosts from the Excel file, from the Navigation menu, select Hosts > Manage hosts and follow the instructions.