How to checkout visitors?

Know more about the visitor checkout and the different ways the visitors can checkout.

Although it is essential to capture visitor details and their check-in and checkout time can be a significant part of visitor management. When a visitor checkout, their visitor record gets updated to enter their checkout time.

There are certain ways to checkout a visitor:

For walked in visitors:

  1. The visitor approaches the Receptionist/Security Officer and they mark the guest checkout in the DORBUK App or Desktop Computer.
  2. The visitor marks the checkout on the self-service Kiosk placed at the reception by entering their name.

For invited visitors:

  1. The visitor can checkout by providing their name to the Receptionist/Security Officer.
  2. If they have an invitation PIN shared by the host, they can checkout by entering the 6-digit PIN at the Kiosk.
  3. Visitors can checkout by entering their name in the self-service Kiosk at the reception/lobby.