Visitor sign in app - Kiosk

Learn about the hardware you need to setup DORBUK Self-serviced Kiosk and how to configure it.

You’re welcome to purchase support device (including iPad and iPad Stand) from the retailer of your choice, please be sure to purchase the right model.

Supported devices

DORBUK is available for iOS and Android platform. We recommend using a device with a larger screen (8 inches or above) for setting up the Kiosk.

Dorbuk supports fourth-generation iPads and newer with iOS version 10.2

 or later.

iPad Stand

We recommend to place the iPad vertically (portrait). While choosing an iPad portrait stand and make sure that charging cable can connect when it is mounted on the stand.

Configure Self-serviced Kiosk

From the Navigation menu, select Settings > Kiosk settings

You can change the defaults settings set to your self-servicing Kiosk. You will be able to arrange the messages to be displayed on the Kiosk, company logo, theme color, and the buttons to be displayed in the Kiosk Welcome screen.