Visitor Management System

DORBUK Features

Dorbuk is the one-stop solution for all your visitor management requirements. Easy to set up and handle, this cloud-based system offers effective tracking of visitors. Unlike classic logbook scribbling or handwritten registers that are vulnerable to damages and privacy issues, Dorbuk is comfortably safe. The package comes with a self-service kiosk where visitors can conveniently check-in and check-out. Alternatively, the establishment can choose the receptionist or the security officer to do the same process as well. The advanced web interfaced application enables the administrator, the hosts, and visitors for real-time data management.

How it Works

You can configure the Dorbuk Visitor Management System according to your company/organization’s needs. You can add queries to get specific data from the visitors. For example, entering their address or capturing photos. You can manage two types of visitors – a direct walk-in guest or an invitee. The guests can enter the data in the kiosk by themselves, or the receptionists can check in the guests by filling up their details. For invited purposes, the host can pre-register the visitors’ details and generate a 6-digit PIN, and send along with the invitation. While checking-in, the visitors are required to confirm this PIN by entering it. It works similar to that of a safe and secure OTP transaction. The arrival of the visitors is notified to the host by real-time SMS, Email, and Mobile App push notification. Similarly, the check-out process is also quick and easy, registering the exact time of exit.

Smart and Multiple Interfaces

You can organize your Dorbuk system using the Mobile application or the Web portal. The administrator, the manager, the receptionist, and hosts can use their respective interfaces to manage the data. Supported in both iOS and Android devices, it guarantees timely and professional data management. Interface for the administrator lets them manage other users and view real-time reports. Host interface, on the other hand, permits the individual employees or persons within the organization to invite guests. They can monitor their recent visitors, the purpose of the visit, and so on. Dorbuk also offers an interface for the receptionist/security officer to keep track of frequent visitors and manage them.

Administrator Interface

Access to the web-based administrator interface will be a privilege restricted to the administrator. They have dashboards for smooth coordination of host creation and management. In the settings, they can customize the “Check-in Fields.” Dorbuk’s user-friendly design allows the administrator to mark fields as “mandatory” or “optional” to put visitors at ease. To add a touch of personalized appearance and brand visibility, you can also add your company’s logo to the kiosk.

Secure Procedures

The professional ethics of an organization demand to create a powerful first impression on the visitors’ part. Dorbuk Visitor Management System promises a secure system that ensures the privacy of visitors’ data. It goes well with all the safety policies of the establishment. Rather than leaving a manual logbook on the office fronts that threatens the security of visitors’ data, this modernized visitor sign-in app lets access to the authorized users only. Even so, the addition, deletion, and alteration of information once entered in the web-integrated system are not easily possible.

Real-time Reports

Preparation of real-time analytics is highly wanted but at the same time challenging too. To efficiently keep an eye on the visitors and their check-in, check-out details, Dorbuk presents real-time reports. You will be able to monitor the data more explicitly by applying filters in your administrative or managerial interface. The application also lets you generate visitor reports based on daily, weekly, or monthly data. You can export these reports in PDF, Excel, or CSV formats for further scrutiny according to your convenience.

Cloud Storage

Data storage and protection is an utmost concern for every enterprise. Cloud is the newest and most trustable solution when it comes to saving data securely on a large-scale. Dorbuk emphasizes the client’s rights to have safe data storage without worrying about loss, theft, damage, or hardware failure. Its integrated cloud server technology assures you of regular data backup that enhances the precision of real-time processing. With the added privacy settings and feasible subscription plans, you can now relax about visitor management.